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Dining Out - Mexican

I was certain that dining out at a Mexican restaurant would be next to impossible; the most challenging dining out experience right after dining at a soul food restaurant, where even the green beans are seasoned with pork fat.  I sure was happy to be proven wrong!  

Last night, my sweetie was in the mood for Mexican for dinner.  We were headed to a yoga class, so there was no time for grocery shopping or cooking.  Knowing that we usually dine at a Mexican restaurant when we go out to eat with his family, I decided that I was up for the challenge.  After all, I needed to figure out what I’ll be ordering when we inevitably go out for Mexican in the future.  

Although the photo isn’t great, the food was excellent!  While I must admit that it was not easy watching him eat the complimentary, creamy queso dip, my meal was delicious and satisfying!  I opted for a bean burrito (the waitress assured me that there was no pork or pork fat in the beans) sans cheese, with potatoes and a sliced avocado.  It was so good, I’m thinking of going out for Mexican for lunch again today!  

I’ve also found that adding avocado to a burrito or taco is a great way to incorporate the smooth, creamy texture I’ve come to associate with Mexican food, without the cheese.  :)

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