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Cruelty Free Personal Care - Razors

Yes, cruelty free razors!  I had never considered the fact that some brands test their razors on animals.  Preserve brand personal care items are not only cruelty free, they are also eco-friendly!  


These were also cheaper than most widely recognized brands I’ve used (i.e. Schick, Venus, Gillette, etc)!  I paid around $8.00 for the razor (which came with 2 blades) and less than $6.00 for the 5-pack of razor blades at my local health food store.  To give this some perspective, a 4-pack of Schick Quattro for Women’s razor blades costs $9.89 at Target.  No brainer!


I was a little skeptical about how well this razor would work, and how comfortable the shave would be.  I usually get razor burn on my legs the first time I use a new razor blade, but that didn’t happen with this product!  I got a smooth, close shave without the burn!  


With all of these benefits, it’s safe to say this will be my go-to razor!  I’ll never go back to expensive razors that give me razor burn, some of which are made by companies that test on animals.

Interested in finding a preserve retailer near you?  Visit their Find a Store Near You link HERE.

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    I use these, they are awesome. Definitely reccommend
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