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Bee Free Honee

Before I began learning about the vegan lifestyle, it had never even occurred to me that being vegan involves not eating honey.  It seems as if this doesn’t occur to most people.  While I admittedly have not been very strict thus far about avoiding honey, I’d now like to eliminate it from my diet.

I’ve been hearing a lot about, and have been wanting to try, Bee Free Honee for a while now.  I finally picked some up yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it!  I had it on a bagel with some Smart Balance [vegan] butter and ground flaxseed meal for a snack before yoga last night, and again with my green smoothie for breakfast this morning.  Needless to say, I loved it!   

While the color and consistency is nearly identical to honey, I actually think Bee Free Honee tastes even better!  It is made from apples, and tastes a bit like a mixture between a deliciously sweet apple juice and conventional honey.  I think I’ll be going through this bottle rather quickly… 

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