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Vegan Chickpea Piccata Over Cauliflower and Potato Mash

This vegan spin on the classic dish Chicken Piccata has quickly become one of my favorite meals to make (and eat)!  Excluding the cauliflower for the cauliflower mash, I tend to have all of the necessary ingredients on hand - making this an excellent weeknight dinner!  

I’ll have to admit that I can’t recall ever having chicken piccata, so I have no frame of reference to compare this to the omnivore version - but this dish is so very tasty!  The flavors in the sauce combine perfectly and taste delicious on top of some creamy cauliflower mash.  

Cauliflower mash has also become one of my favorite go-to dishes; I don’t think I’ll ever make boring old mashed potatoes again!  I usually make the mash with cauliflower only, but last night I added 4 cups of peeled, chopped, and boiled potatoes because I was serving one additional person, and a head of cauliflower typically only makes enough mash to serve two.

HERE is the recipe for the chickpea piccata (I highly recomend it!), and THIS is the recipe for the cauliflower mash that I use as a reference.  I modify this recipe, using vegan butter instead of coconut oil (I tried it with the coconut oil and didn’t care for it) and, as I mentioned, last night I added 4 cups of peeled, cubed, and boiled potatoes.  It’s yummy with or without the potatoes, and definitely creamier without.  If you add potatoes, you’ll most likely need to add a splash or two of non-dairy milk until you reach the desired consistency.