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Our First Vegan Thanksgiving!

I was so excited for our very first vegan Thanksgiving!  I spent a day and a half cooking, and it was all so worth it!  I also really enjoyed cooking without time constraints, because I was able to take my time and put a lot of care into making these dishes.

Here is a recap of our menu, including recipes for all of the dishes pictured above:


Herb Nut Milk Cheese with Late July Saltine Crackers (not pictured)

Potato Angels from Happy Herbivore (vegan take on Deviled Eggs)

Main Dish:

Field Roast Grain Meat Co.’s Celebration Roast

Side Dishes:

- Mashed Potatoes and Chickpea Gravy (gravy not pictured)

Butternut Squash Mac n’ “Cheese”



Pumpkin Pie

Now that I’ve pulled of an entirely plant-based, and delicious, Thanksgiving menu, I absolutely can’t wait for Christmas dinner!  So many ideas.  :)

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